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Here is Antoine Boyer, musician, guitarist, composer, based in France. On this website you will find the usual informations like the tour dates, albums, lessons, scores, and the necessary contact to reach me :)

A little bit about the music

My last album is Tangram was a quite an adventure for someone coming from Gypsy Jazz, but surely a lot of fun to make! Many influences from classical music, classical guitar and my first attempt to write for ensemble. It was such a great privilege to work on this project with my beloved wife Yeore Kim at the harmonica, and all the amazing musicians that heart fully participated to the recording. I am currently working on the next adventure...


Back in time a little you will also find my two albums in duet with Samuelito, genius flamenco guitarist: Coincidence and Sonámbulo.  I am really grateful for our friendship and our music!

The album before is Caméléon Waltz, a solo album. In this one I play 3 different guitars:  Gypsy Jazz guitar, classical guitar and archtop guitar. Those three types of guitars are usually the ones I use to express my music, the ones I feel the closest too. All together, it's a very large spectrum of sounds, dynamic and tone. Naturally  this album contains many genres of music and many influences in the compositions and arrangements like Gypsy jazz, classical, folk music, jazz, pop, traditional musics... 

If you go back in time even more you will find the three albums I made with my father (L'univers insolite de Francis Moerman, Leské and Sita), and one live album from a wonderful tour in Sweden and Norway with my friend Gustav Lundgren. All of these are Gypsy Jazz albums, the music I started with when I was 6.

Hope you enjoy this website and hope to meet you someday on the road!

All the best,


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